Storefronts and Walls

Storefronts and Walls 2017-05-31T12:24:59+00:00

Your store front is just as important as your website or business card. It’s what draws people in to your business and is an important tool to help customers find you. An appealing storefront catches the interest of passers-by that may not realize what you do and will jog their memory when a future need arises. You want your customers to know what you do quickly and easily. Eye pleasing graphics convey information more efficiently than text and that’s why your “IMAGE” is so important.

Turn your storefront window into a powerful marketing tool that will make your business stand out and come alive! This sophisticated way of marketing your business is unique, original and will enhance your building and invite people inside. The material we use for our window graphics: window wraps, window stickers and window decals, is laminated and perforated and will give you clear visibility from the inside looking out. Each window wrap, window decal and window sticker has a life expectancy of 5 years or more, making this form of advertising very economical. Our design team will give you an image that will reflect your business brand and make your storefront look fantastic!

Has a new client ever told you they drove by your location multiple times before seeing your sign? That they had a “hard time finding you“?

Often times business owners put a great deal of focus on the interior of their location.  It’s great to do fancy renovations, digital displays, lots of inventory but the one thing that has a real tendency to get lost in the mix is the effectiveness of signage and window graphics.  How does this happen? When a new business is opening a lot of attention goes into the renovation of the interior of the location, and the signage can often be an afterthought.  The interior of the location is almost all ready to go and now it’s time to “get a sign up” before the business opens. This is often the last link in the chain of launching a new business or new “look”’ to an existing business.

In a lot of cases it isn’t how nice the interior of your location is, the strength of your product or the quality of your people that matters.  If new clients aren’t walking into your location because you have poor visibility, then you are losing a lot of opportunities.

If your existing clients that are actively looking for your location are passing by without seeing you, then imagine those people that aren’t currently your clients.  They are going to drive right by your location multiple times without ever noticing it or worse yet, give up and give their business to your competition!

Seriously consider effective signage and window graphics for your storefront.  In most cases an investment of $2,500 – $3,500 or even less can yield a significant increase in walk-in traffic and improved visibility.